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Living Space Tool - A Self Portrait

Saturday, 11/09/19 @ 11:00 AM
Every choice we make reflects the state of our inner world. Therefore, every time you make a choice to bring objects into your space, where you put them or whether to remove them, you’re following psychological directives that also shape every other aspect of your life. Discover what your living space is telling you and how even small changes can make a big difference.
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Low Back Pain Series

Monday, 1/13/20 @ 6:00 PM
Designed for those who suffer from chronic low back pain, this workshop series offers relief and recovery through regular yoga practice. The course consists of one 75-minute class per week for 12 weeks and includes a take-home pack describing exercises to be done between sessions. The format for each session will be a combination of discussion and practicing yoga postures. The series is based on “Back to Health,” a Boston Medical Center study which found that regular yoga practice, education, and meditation provided patients with relief from lower back pain while decreasing reliance on medications. The series will be led by Leah Margerum, RYT owner of Willow Yoga and former constant back pain sufferer. The cost of this workshop series is $225.
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Yoga is for EVERY BODY!

From free introductory workshops, to chair, slow flow and power yoga - we have a class that fits every level of fitness and experience!

One on One Lessons

Brand new to yoga and want one on one help? Or a seasoned yogi that is looking to hone your practice? Schedule a private lesson with any of our instructors for $65/hour. Private lessons may be scheduled by contacting Monica@willowyogastudio.com or call and someone will get back to you to schedule.

One on One Assisting

In class private assists are also available to enhance your practice. One of our instructors will work with you during your entire practice to aid in alignment and deepen poses. Schedule an in-class private assist for $35/hour by contacting Leah@willowyogastudio.com.